(420729) Set Of 6 White Porcelite 10 Fl Oz Mugs


Set of 6 White Porcelite mugs.

Each cup holds approximately 10 fl oz of liquid. 

All Porcelite items are resistant to attack by dishwasher detergents and have been tested to many thousands of cycles. Freezer safe. Our ceramic bodies are fired at very high temperatures. This makes them oven proof and microwave safe. The body recipes and manufacturing processes utilised in the production of products means they are completely virtrified and therefore totally impervious to water making all items craze proof. Extremely strong far exceeding European guidelines for catering ceramics (BS 4034). All products have glazes that have been formulated to withstand the rigours of the catering environment. They will not stain and are resistant to metal marking and abrasion in normal usage.


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